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Boobytrap Helps Breast Cancer Patients Connect & Manage Healthcare

Founder: Béatrice Compagnon

Venture: Boobytrapp Industry: Health + Tech

Tell us about your venture:

Boobytrapp is a revolutionary mobile app that connects breast cancer patients and helps them organize their treatment schedule through an innovative social platform.

What inspired you?

When I went through breast cancer at 37, I missed the ability to connect with other women that understood what I was going through. Organizing treatment was also more complicated than I thought, and as a tech girl, my first reaction was "isn't there an app for that"? There was not, and this is how the idea of Boobytrapp was born.

What makes your venture different than what's already on the market?

There is no app on the market right now that combines the social network feature with treatment management options.

Describe yourself in five words or less:

1 in 8, gypsy tech girl

Share one thing that has shaped you as an entrepreneur.

The first time we got rejected by a venture capitalist. It made us realize what our values were and that we were not ready to let go of them for funding.

What is your biggest challenge as a tech founder?

To get noticed, to get Boobytrapp out there.

What is your biggest ask (the one thing you need the most)?


If you had to choose between funding, mentorship or acquisition, which would you choose? Funding

What is your superpower? Saving kittens

One year from now, where would you like your venture to be? We would like Boobytrapp to be used by thousands of women affected by breast cancer, ending the isolation that comes with it.

What's one thing you want potential funders and/or users to know about your venture?

That Boobytrapp is all about the user.


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